A whimsical summer afternoon began with some friends who had absolutely no clue what was about to ensue. They were instructed only one thing: dress in all white and show up to the secret coordinates on the map.

Traditionally, a Dîner en Blanc is a chic picnic conducted with the highest of decorum, elegance, and etiquette. Starting in Paris, the exhilarating event gathered thousands dressed all in white to a secret, public space, to wine and dine in the truest debonair fashion.  We, however, within a few hours abandoned etiquette and took our cocktails to the river. A few kayakers paddled by the 20 of us dressed in white, playing in the river, and  asked if we were getting baptized.  I guess you could call it that.

Gratitude to Kate Camden and Stephanie Santoleri, party thrower extraordinaires; and to Elizabeth Mahon of Elizabeth M. Photography for capturing this magical afternoon.

Diner en Blanc M77A2366
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